Young Professionals Taking Care of
Israel's Lonely Holocaust Survivors



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About the Organization: Adopt-A-Safta

Adopt-A-Safta is a non-profit initiative that pairs young professional Internationals and Israelis with survivors of the Shoah who feel lonely. Working off of the Big Brother/Big Sister model, our young volunteers will "adopt" a grandmother or grandfather in Israel that is in need of love and attention. Our goal is to train as many volunteers as possible and to connect these two communities; young professionals seeking to make meaningful contributions, and the survivors in need of warmth and connection, while we still are blessed with the presence of this holy generation.


The problem: 50,000 plus
lonely Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Please read this article on YNET: www.Ynetnews.com

A report published by the Foundation for the Benefit of Shoah Survivors in Israel indicates that 40% of Shoah survivors feel lonely, 12,000 lack even proper heating, and 5% suffer from shortages of food.

The CEO of the Foundation for the Benefit of Shoah Survivors in Israel has said: "One hungry or lonely Holocaust survivor on Passover eve – is a failure for the State of Israel...The younger generation will never forgive us if we fail to care for the older generation with the respect it deserves. I call on all relevant parties, headed by the finance minister and his office to provide all the necessary means immediately."

However, at Adopt-A-Safta we do not believe that any citizen should ever wait for the government to act on social issues of this historical importance. Shoah survivors are an invaluable treasure and they deserve a treasure that alleviates some of their suffering. We believe that the State of Israel has such an invaluable resource now.

We are talking about our incredible community of young professional Internationals and Israelis that grasp the importance of social justice, volunteerism, and activism, specifically in Tel Aviv.

We see no need to wait another day - too much is lost waiting for others to act, waiting for permission, waiting for money. We know that we can make a major dent in the problem of comforting lonely Shoah survivors today; not to do so as a responsibility, but as a noble honor.

We are partnering with the Foundation for the Benefit of Shoah Survivors in Israel in Israel that knows the needs of each individual survivor, and has the skills in training volunteers wanting to work with this unique population.

Each team of volunteers will be responsible for visiting their "adopted" grandmother or grandfather throughout the year, with regular phone calls and reports on their well-being.

Those 50,000 that were lonely last year for the Hagim will not be alone anymore. Please join us in Adopt-A-Safta.

Adopt-A-Safta has been founded in blessed memory of
Kathe Friedman
(Kalya Bat Feigel).

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