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Adoption Registration

Register to Adopt-A-Safta

Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-A-Safta program. 

Please review the following program requirements to determine if you are eligible to apply:

  1. Application: all prospective volunteers are required to complete an online application (see link below).

  2. Weekly commitment: volunteers are required to commit to meeting with their adopted grandparent at least once a week for a year.

  3. Training sessions: each volunteer is required to attend a 3-hour training session prior to being matched with their adopted grandparent. Working with an elderly population can present unique challenges. Aging in the shadow of the Holocaust presents its own unique set of challenges which is why volunteers are required to attend a mandatory training session prior to being matched with their new grandparent. The Adopt-A-Safta team is always available to work with each volunteer to ensure the experience is both meaningful and rewarding.

  4. Reporting: each volunteer is required to report to their assigned member of the Adopt-A-Safta team. (In the first month each volunteer is required to check in weekly.)


If you meet these requirements and would like to apply, please complete the following link HERE.


Once your application has been submitted a member of the Adopt-A-Safta team will contact you to determine your eligibility and explain the next steps of the process. Please note that we currently have waiting list for certain geographic areas of volunteers who have indicated an interest in participating and appreciate your patience as we work to facilitate as many meaningful matches as possible.

Have volunteering questions? Email


Please register to be a dedicated volunteer today..

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